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miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

Twitter Now Lets You Retweet Yourself

Just in case you didn't sufficiently make your point the first time, Twitter now lets you retweet yourself.

The microblogging service announced the news on Tuesday, retweeting a tweet it posted back in 2009 when the retweet feature first went live for all users (say that five times fast).
To try it out, head over to your Twitter profile, find something particularly witty or insightful, and press the retweet button like you normally would. When re-sharing one of your old tweets you can opt to retweet it alone or add some commentary.

Until now, you could only "heart" personal tweets (because who doesn't love their own witticisms and Instagram photos?); the option to retweet them was not available.

Twitter first tipped the self-retweet feature last month. In a blog post at the time, senior product manager Todd Sherman said the feature should be helpful "when you want to share a new reflection or feel like a really good one went unnoticed."

Meanwhile, Twitter also last month relaxed its 140-character rule so your usernames and media attachments won't count toward your limit. The update also said goodbye to the ".@" convention, used by many to get tweets directed at certain people to show up in the timelines of all your followers. Now, new posts beginning with a username will automatically reach all followers.

In other Twitter news, the company also this week closed a loophole to make sure those you don't want to hear from never wind up on your timeline. Previously, if you blocked someone they could still make an appearance on your feed if another follower re-tweeted them. Going forward, that won't happen.

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